A Passion for Pizza

I love pizza. Most likely, so do you. But what exactly is pizza? I have enjoyed hundreds of different styles, but our family’s favourite has always been Neapolitan pizza. Neapolitan pizza requires an oven temperature higher than most home ovens can achieve, which means that we cannot enjoy our favourite pizza easily, or often.

Enter the RoccBox: a portable outdoor oven that recreates the high temperatures of a traditional wood and brick oven, in a much smaller and more manageable form factor. I bought one in late Spring as an early birthday present and we have enjoyed amazing pizzas ever since. The RoccBox can cook Neapolitan-style pizzas, but of course we can also make thin crust pizzas, New York-style pizzas, Naan bread, and many other dishes including roasted vegetables and perfectly charred steaks.

In a few months, we will have to stop cooking outdoors: no more pizzas for a while. For now, however, I’ll continue to keep my tomato sauce handy…

The RoccBox is produced by Gozney and is available in many countries. The links I include lead directly to Gozney’s website. I should add that there is a competing brand (Ooni) that manufactures a range of similar pizza ovens and that although I have not used any of them, the reviews seem good too. There are also local brands that I have no access to, like Pizza Party or Effeuno Garatron.

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